Customer Service ExecutiveCustomer Service Executive

Work ID AVD0007938
Job level Manager
Salary 10 triệu
Work location Miền Bắc, cách Hà Nội 70km
Years of experience 2 years
Status Available

Job Benefits

  • Bảo hiểm theo quy định
  • Du Lịch
  • Phụ cấp
  • Xe đưa đón hàng ngày từ Hà Nội đi nhà máy
  • Thưởng
  • Chăm sóc sức khỏe
  • Đào tạo
  • Tăng lương
  • Phụ cấp thâm niên
  • Chế độ nghỉ phép

Job Description

Data entries, System input, Technical Packages Communication (with customers, suppliers, internal) for technical transformation from dox to real shirt

1. Customer Order Servicing

  • Customer‟s Manual/SOP: maintain and update customer‟s manual/SOP based on customer‟s updates.
  • Customer Requirements: clarify and confirm product requirements for samples and bulk production and communicate these to the Sample Room, Operations, Internal Supply Chain (ISC), Fabric Procurement (FP) and Purchasing teams.
  • Feedback to Customers: proactively communicate to the customer on product design and/or materials recommendations based on feedback and suggestions from Sample Room and/or Production.
  • Time & Action (T&A) Plan:
    • provide relevant information (e.g. sample lead-time, production lead-time, etc.) to Merchandising to develop T&A for new customers/new programs.
    • obtain relevant information from historical records, and updates from FS and HK Sub-materials Team as needed, to develop the T&A and propose to the customer for running programs. Adjust T&A based on customer feedback as needed.
  • Bulk Status Updates: provide on-demand status updates to customers during the production process
  • Customer Enquiries: respond to customer enquiries or feedback throughout the entire process from order confirmation through to post-sale end-consumer feedback. Use the full expert input and support from other functions when appropriate.
  • Customer Communications: fully understand and respond to all points in customers‟ communications.

2. Customer-Driven Mindset

  • Total Service Concept: have a “total service” mindset, i.e. :
    • develop a deep knowledge of customers‟ requirements.
    • gain the ability to make proactive product and service recommendations to customers.
    • being continuously in touch with customers during the order, production and delivery
    • proactively following up to check the status and solve problems if necessary
    • determine the customers‟ satisfaction levels and continuously seek new ways to serve them better.
  • Customer Connection: support programs to develop a committed customer-service mindset and foster employee pride in producing for the Factory‟s customers.
  • Continuous Improvement: support efforts to continuously improve customer understanding, employee pride in producing for the Factory‟s customers, and a committed customer service mindset throughout the Factory.

3. Fabric Development

  • Handloom/Lab-dip Approval:
    • collaborate with TGA on the fabric development status and send handlooms/lab-dips received from the mill to the Laboratory, together with the wash/dip requirements, for washing/dipping as needed.
    • send handlooms/lab-dips to the customer for approval.
    • follow up with customer on handloom/lab-dip approval as needed.

4. Samples

  • Customer Sample Info: study customer‟s sample information and check with Garment Technologist (GT) on construction feasibility when necessary. Translate customer‟s requirements into a sample order as needed, review the sample order and issue the sample order to Sample Room. Work with GTs and make sure customer requirements are clearly understood by the Sample Room.
  • Sample Fabric Booking:
    • issue sample fabric PO based on information such as fabric content, construction, quantity and delivery date.
    • monitor sample fabric delivery, and take appropriate actions to compensate for any late deliveries.
  • Sample Sub-material Booking:
    • issue sample sub-material PO based on information such as type, construction, quantity and delivery date.
    • monitor sample sub-material delivery, and take appropriate actions to compensate for any late deliveries.
  • Sample Fabric Preparation: upon fabric receipt by the Warehouse, allocate the fabric to the Sample Room in M3.
  • Sample Trim Preparation: upon trim receipt by the Warehouse, allocate the trims to the Sample Room in M3.
  • Sample Delivery and Approval:
    • create sample Customer Order (CO) in M3 based on the sample order received from TGA/customer.
    • monitor the sample making progress and take appropriate actions if samples do not meet customer‟s quality and/or timeliness requirements.
    • initiate the application of export licenses and documents and monitor progress.
    • submit samples to customers for comments and approval; report customer comments to relevant departments to improve the samples.
  • Sample Payment: prepare required information for Logistics to issue sample invoices to customers as needed, and follow up with customers regarding the sample payments.
  • Garment Item Maintenance: create and/or update the garment items in the M3 system as needed.

5. Cost and Production Analysis (CPA)

  • CPA with Sample Making: provide any critical information (e.g. size specification, fabric pattern type, etc.) needed to estimate SMV (by GSD) and YPD (by CMD) accurately.
  • CPA Follow-Up: monitor timeliness and accuracy of the information in the CPA and report to relevant departments if any deviations are identified. Maintain a record of the “final” CPA YPD that is adopted for fabric booking and notify MM for comparison with the actual YPD in production.

6. Pre-Production Preparation

  • Order Reservation: input customer order into Forecast Maintenance system (FCS350) for program (replenishment) orders. Feedback Factory‟s capacity constraints to customers if the delivery requirements cannot be met and work to reach an agreement.
  • Schedule Monitoring: monitor fabric booking and take appropriate actions to achieve agreed garment delivery.
  • M3 Handling: receive the order (e.g. purchase orders) from the customer, issue and maintain the garment items in M3.

7. Garment Ex-factory Arrangement

  • Delivery Revision / Extension: ask TGA to request a delivery revision/extension as needed.
  • Bulk Ex-factory Arrangement: ask customers to accept over-ship or short-ship if outside of their standards. Submit CO and Schedule Number for the order closing after bulk ex-factory.

8. Internal Customer Engagement

  • Internal Customer Expectations: identify internal customers‟ key expectations from the CSP.
  • Service Delivery: build effective working relationships with internal customers by meeting their expectations to create high customer engagement.
  • Continuous improvement: achieve year-on-year improvement in internal customer engagement

Working location: 70km far from Hanoi, Vietnam

Working time: Office hours from Monday to Friday

Job Requirements

  • Have 2+ year of working experience in the same position in the garment field
  • Good in English