Recruiment ExecutiveRecruiment Executive

Work ID AVD0007994
Job level Experienced
Salary Negotiable
Work location Thái Bình
Years of experience 1 year
Status Available

Job Benefits

  • Bảo hiểm theo quy định
  • Du Lịch
  • Phụ cấp
  • Xe đưa đón đầu tuần và cuối tuần Hà Nội – Thái Bình (đàm phán)
  • Thưởng
  • Chăm sóc sức khỏe
  • Đào tạo
  • Tăng lương
  • Phụ cấp thâm niên
  • Chế độ nghỉ phép

Job Description

1. New Staff Hires

  • Manpower Plan and Recruitment Progress Report: assist Staff Recruitment Specialist in tracking and regularly reporting on recruitment process against agreed manpower plan and recruitment process metrics.
  • Recruitment and Selection Support: upon receipt of an approved manpower requisition, assist the recruiting line manager as agreed and assigned at each step of the process including:
    • confirm the role, role requirements, grade, timeline and selection tools with the hiring manager.
    • confirm agreement to an external, internal or parallel search.
    • advertise and source candidates through the appropriate channels.
    • agree on screening, interviewing, assessment and decision-making processes.
    • screen and short-listing CVs as required.
    • conduct preliminary interviews as required.
    • coordinate the interview process with the hiring manager.
    • prepare the hiring manager to conduct the interview, as agreed, including preparing an interview discussion guide, briefing the line manager on key interview tips, etc.
    • arrange for the completion of assessment tools as required (e.g. SHL assessment, computer skills tests, language tests, health checks etc).
    • assist the hiring manager with the assessment and decision-making process.
    • complete reference checks for finalist candidates.
  • Hiring Support: support the hiring manager at each step of the process as agreed, including:
    • advise the hiring manager on recommended salary, benefits, terms and conditions.
    • prepare the Employment Agreement, Code of Conduct and any other supporting documents.
    • participate in or make the offer.
    • confirm acceptance of the offer.
    • notify unsuccessful candidates.
    • prepare a draft announcement of the new hire.
    • complete, send and follow up with HCM Services – Staff on a preparation checklist to be completed prior to the new hire’s arrival.

2. Staff Orientation and Induction

  • New Staff Orientation Programs:  schedule, coordinate, directly deliver as assigned, the agreed orientation programs for all new staff hires.
  • New Staff Induction Programs:  schedule, coordinate, directly deliver as assigned, the agreed induction programs for all new staff hires.
  • Orientation and Induction Program Effectiveness:  gather feedback based on the agreed outcomes and metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of the orientation and induction programs.
  • Probation:  monitor the probation period for new employees and confirmation of employment from managers.  Provide expert advice and support to managers on probation decisions as needed.

3. Staff Relations

  • Staff Feedback: collect employee feedback on the employment relationship regularly.  Provide feedback to the HCM and management teams on the employment relationships regularly.
  • Staff Activities: recommend annual activities to enhance employee relations.  Organize the activities as planned and agreed.  Assess the benefits of the activities arranged.
  • Staff Engagement:  schedule, prepare, and coordinate the employee engagement survey as planned.  Provide support to the managers in analyzing and interpreting the staff engagement survey results.  Assist managers in coordinating and delivering the follow-up actions as needed.

4. Staff Separation

  • Exit Interview Support:
    • conduct and/or participate in exit interviews with line managers as assigned and appropriate.
    • assist the Staff Recruitment Specialist in reviewing, summarizing and analyzing key themes for staff resignations by grade and make recommendations to increase staff retention based on the data.
  • Working Time: Office hours, Monday – Friday
  • Working Location: Thai Binh province, Vietnam (Have Dorm)

Job Requirements

  • Have 1+ year of working experience in the same position
  • Good communication and external skills
  • Be proactive and creative at work