admin   June 8, 2019

Advisewise is your specialist Executive Search, Headhunting & Recruitment partner that sets the benchmark for talent acquisition and professional placement. With our strategic approach, we appreciate the intricacies that come with every job seeker and talent seeking corporation. Whether its permanent or contractual solutions you that require, our team are exceedingly skilled to advise and recruit to spec, on point, every time. Below list is Advisewise’s recruitment process:


Search Process

Advisewise headhunter’s practice is spearheaded by talent professionals with experience of successfully delivering on global search assignments. Our team-based approach brings together consultants with deep experience in all relevant industries. This combination of experience and collaboration gives us an exceptional access to talent backed by an extensive database built through personal networks and detailed assessments


Introductory Consultations

The client describes the requirements of the position, gives a briefing about the company’s goals, organizational relationships, competitive environment and other issues relevant in assessing the needs of the company. We make initial inputs and help refine objectives


Position Specifications

We prepare an outline of the responsibilities, required qualifications and criteria for success. This is the basis for initial discussions with candidates or relevant contacts. An action plan is also agreed upon in terms of timing for the major steps in the search, specially client contact and interviews


Strategy and Research

Advisewise Specialist Team studies the relevant brief and makes a thorough analysis of the market conditions and trends affecting client’s business as well as where the company’s work candidates will come from. These entail determining the right mix of search tools and even the manner of approaching and attracting candidates


Candidate Identification

Our extensive network of contacts in the industry enables us to identify solid prospects. We conduct interviews and narrows down the selection. Complete information on the selected candidates and why each could be a good match to the requirement is sent in a report to clients


Reference Checking

We gather input from people who are in a position to make relevant comments on the candidate’s technical competency, management ability, integrity and personal character


Client-Candidate Interviews

We arrange mutually convenient meetings between client and lead candidates. Both client and candidate are fully briefed prior to the meeting


Candidate Evaluations

We immediately discuss feedback with both client and candidate. We assist the client, if necessary, in rating candidates versus specifications, to facilitate preferences or conclusions


Completion of Search

In this sensitive phase of negotiations leading to the acceptance of the offer, we can assist in discussions and final requirements such as contract and compensation structuring, if the client requests