admin   June 8, 2019

Every good HR manager know the extensive and complicated tasks they have to go through in order to find the best match for their organization. Headhunting companies are the competent liaison between an employer and a potential employee thanks to their superior judgment skills.

  • 1. Take advantage of strong Network of Professionals

By hiring the top headhunting companies like Advisewise Vietnam, company leader of Textile, Garment & Footwear will be able to get access to a large number of high quality candidates and pick the best out there to fill in your vacancy.Advantage of strong Network of Professionals in Textiles

Like individuals, Advisewise’s consultants look to build their network, recruiters go to conventions, workshops and other professional events that present networking opportunities. This way, they are continuously meeting new people and adding them to their database. The most resourceful headhunting companies have mastered this art of networking.
Sure, you can do the same thing . But coming into a new market, how long will it take you to develop a robust professional network?  Our consultants have years of networking advantage over newcomers.

  • 2. Minimize the risk of fake resumes via “CV share” channels

It is not a crime to lie on your resume and the worse thing which can happen to these fake candidates is they can get fired later on. No fines. No punishment. No one is doing anything about it.

We have seen hundreds of fake resumes of candidates. They have adjusted the years of experience, their designations, job responsibilities even area/industry of expenses. Therefore, Advisewise maintain good systems & controls to avoid such situations and we make sure to send True & Qualified CV to our clients.

  • 3. Support on job offer and negotiation process

What is more difficult than finding the right key people is keeping them on their toes while every company needs talents. Headhunting service providers understand the compensation and benefits offered by competitors so they can give employers advice on how much they should pay.

  • 4. Reduce the complication in recruitment process

Advisewise is a specialized headhunter. We help to reduce the complication in recruitment process of Textile industryHeadhunting companies know well about your organization, the industry that your company is joining and the ways to satisfy your needs. Using the headhunting service is a secure way for successful recruitment.

A reputable headhunting company should be able to provide a large quantity of top candidates utilizing their contact locally and regionally, thus searching for the ideal candidates who are best matches for your business’ needs.