Advisewise’s vision is to be the leading recruitment agency for textile, garment and footwear industries in South-East Asian Region


  • Advisewise links clients and candidates in a responsible manner.
  • We care deeply about our clients and candidates by giving quality & value for money commitments.


vision, mission, values


  1. Excellence: We always deliver what we promise while working to the highest quality standard. We do not promise what we cannot deliver. We surely over-deliver where it possible.
  2. Integrity: We adopt the highest ethical standards of our industry, and operate with transparency and trust.
  3. Respect:  We treat each other, our clients and candidates with mutual respect and sensitivity
  4. Accountability: We take ownership and initiatives in seizing opportunities, and honor our promises and commitments
  5. Team-Work: We are “One Team, One Dream” that gains strength from our professional, cultural, and geographic diversity
  6. Fun: We are passionate, we laugh lots and love what we do its gives balance life.
  7. Finally: We are driven, ambitious, enthusiastic, and adventurous, and are not afraid to learn from failure.